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Silverstone 2017


We converted a large, formal reception room in this country manor house to bring together a touch of Hollywood and quirkiness at the client’s request! Designed with a specific brief of ‘celebrating cinema’, eye-catching yet historic cinema memorabilia surrounds the “projector-film ripple” feature on the ceiling. This is one of many rooms where we were asked to incorporate both a large 4K OLED TV screen as well as a motorised projector screen for a 4K projector. The reason? This room can be used with all the lights on and curtains open in the day for the family watching the TV. Then when the curtains are closed (or night falls) the family can switch to the “big screen” experience. Our client is one of a few who absolutely love to see all of the equipment in the room. Working with their interior design team, we made features of the speakers, amplification and TV so that the equipment was accentuated and “shown-off” as part of the room design. Lutron lighting control allowed the room to go from a fun, bright space to the complete opposite. From one button press the room becomes moody, romantic yet cinematic! The clever integration of a Crestron in-wall touchscreen and handheld remote simplified the room control with seamless switching from projector screen to TV and back again.


• Datasat audio processing and amplification
• Procella 7.3 Speaker System
• Sony 4k Projector
• 3.5m Wide Screen Research Motorised Screen

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