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There is a lot of jargon associated with cinemas.  You may have heard the phrases “surround sound”, “HD”, “4K”, “Dolby” and on and on and on…

It is much more simple to describe what is available and how we bring it all together.  So, without boring or bamboozling you, here is how it all works…

A HOME CINEMA ROOM [simple version]

  • You give us a space in your home, garage, basement, barn or garden.
  • We build a room in that space to suit your budget, your style, number of seats you need.
  • We make that room as comfortable as possible.  It will be heated, cooled and lit to perfection.
  • We choose the equipment you need.  This may be a projector, projector screen, a large TV, speakers, amplifiers…that is where we do our thing.
  • We install the equipment.  We hide it.  We make sure it is quiet.  We simplify the control to one remote, or phone or tablet.
  • You sit in the room and watch what you want on a screen that is visually stunning, sounds unreal and makes you realise that this is the best room in the house.

[advanced version]


As with any commercial cinema, to achieve a really big picture, you need to project.  There are many projectors available, but only a few are suitable for a home cinema.

The latest picture format resolution is 4K or Ultra High Definition.  Simply put, 4K resolution is exactly 3840 x 2160 pixels.  Standard HD (1080p) is 1920 x 1080 pixels.  Therefore 4K is almost 3 times better, and truly spectacular when this resolution is realised on 3m+ screens.

Laser Projectors are the latest technological advance in terms of light source, offering the finest colour accuracy and brightness.  This is particularly important with the latest films and Netflix productions that are utilising HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Dolby Vision picture technologies.

In addition a laser projector will not lose image brightness or degrade over time unlike the more traditional lamp based designs that need replacement.

All of our projectors will be fully calibrated to ISF standards.

Sony Projector
Barco Balder Projector
Technical Projector

Smaller cinema rooms and media rooms working to a budget can now take advantage of the large format TV’s without requiring a projector and projector screen.  These TV’s are available without an excruciating purchase price.  4K OLED, LED and LCD TV’s from Sony, Samsung and LG are now available in 85”, 77”, 72” and 70” screen sizes.  To give you an indication of screen width, an 86” TV is nearly 2m wide and 1m tall.

Often a better choice for a room where light control is an issue, these screens will allow viewing in ambient light and still maximise the benefits of 4k and HDR technologies.

LG Room

Unless you actually want to see the speakers in your cinema, we make sure you can hear them but never see them.  The surround sound formats today require multiple speakers placed in front, to the side, behind, above and below you.  We want to immerse you in a film ensuring you hear every whisper, feel part of every action scene, be energised in high-speed chases and feel the rumble of any explosion.

With many years experience designing and implementing some of the finest cinema rooms in the country, we ensure each of our rooms meets stringent THX and SMPTE guidelines. These standards define SPL (sound pressure level) and speaker placement to allow every nuance and detail to be recreated exactly where the film director intended.

Every room is precisely measured and calibrated to ensure you get the maximum performance available from your system.

Meridian 750 speaker
Meridian Speakers
Audio Formats

Movie soundtracks first became truly appreciated with the advent of Dolby Stereo on the release of the original ‘Star Wars’ film. Audio reproduction has moved on rapidly since then, as directors strived to achieve a more enveloping experience for film enthusiasts.

With the release of Dolby Digital on ‘Batman Returns’ the world experienced the first true multichannel soundtracks using a left, centre, right, rear left, rear right and a subwoofer channel.  For the first time film directors could choose which speaker the sound came from.

Back to the present, and the technology has progressed even further. Directors no longer choose which speaker an effect is played from, but instead using ‘object based mixing’ they will choose an area of the room for the sound to come from.  The clever part is when you play this back at home, your system will know where this sound is supposed to be and use any number of speakers (depending on how many and where you have placed them) to move the sound all around the room.

Welcome to the new world of immersive audio, it truly is breath-taking!

dts X pro
Trinnov Altitude 32

There is a lot going on in the background of your home cinema.  There is rarely one piece of equipment with one remote control.  We do not want you to have the headache or frustration trying to turn the room on.

We specialise in a one remote or tablet solution.  Programmed to run your cinema with just one button press.  You can pause, play, adjust the volume and select from multiple sources like SkyQ, Apple TV and Blu-Ray players.

The lighting can also be integrated into the cinema room, so that you can dim the lights to a preset level or slowly fade to a subtle scene for watching a film. You can change the mood of the room from just one touch of a button. From the comfort of your cinema chair you can even view your home CCTV on the big screen, as well as greet visitors at the gate, see who has arrived on the driveway and make sure you never miss a delivery.

RTI Remote Control
home cinema controller
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