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St Georges Hill 2017


The brief for this modern house was to create a slightly formal, yet stylish cinema room with seating for seven guests…but we also had to give the viewer sumptuous comfort! How? Front Row motorised seating! This SHC room incorporates a clever ‘picture-masking’ screen often used in professional cinemas to change the aspect ratio (shape) of the image depending on the film you are watching . A multichannel sound system from Procella provides a punchy yet impressive audio soundtrack that fully immerses the viewer in an action sequence or puts you in the crowd on Centre Court at Wimbledon! Complemented by the razor-sharp and bright image from the JVC 4K projector, the room is a high-performance entertainment powerhouse! Control of all of the rooms dimmable lighting from Lutron is handled by a Crestron control system operated from the owners iPhone and iPad.


• Arcam processing and amplification
• Procella 7.2 Speaker System
• JVC 4K eshift projector
• 3.5m Screen Research Masking Screen

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