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Wentworth 2018


A multi-purpose media / cinema room was created in this luxurious basement space. The brief given to SHC was slightly unusual in that the client not only wanted to have a high performing cinema room, but they also wanted to provide a secondary space at the back of the room for guest entertaining and most importantly a cocktail bar. Working with Louise Bradley Interior Design our solution subtly hid the cinema elements when you first enter the room. The screen is hidden by clever sliding joinery panels, and the projector is housed in a motorised lift to disappear entirely from view. The bar was offset to the right-hand side of the cinema room allowing a relaxation space that also gave terrific views out to the pool and spa areas. The Wentworth cinema system comprises of a 7.1 speaker layout to surround the listener with high quality audio reproduction whilst the Sony 4K projector provides a clear and immersive 4K viewing experience. Lutron controlled lighting and a simple Crestron automation system compliments the room allowing the client to control both the lighting and start a film all from their phone, tablet or Crestron remote.


• Arcam Audio processing and amplification
• Triad 7.1 Speaker System
• Future Automation Projector Lift
• Sony 4k Projector
• 3m Wide Display Technologies Screen

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