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London 2019


A stunning Art Deco themed room that SHC built entirely from scratch. What you see now was originally an empty grey concrete box! Our team spent several months transforming this room into one of the best performing home-cinemas in the country. The impressive features are enhanced with the integration of a 5m wide screen and luxurious motorised seating for 10 guests. All of the latest sound and picture formats are achievable using a staggering 30 x Meridian Digital DSP speakers! This creates an unbelievably immersive Dolby Atmos audio experience that puts you in the heart of the film action with breath-taking Dolby surround sound. A Barco laser projector punches a 4K HDR image of unimaginable clarity. Lutron Homeworks QS was the only solution for subtle control of all the lighting features. Controlling such an impressive room was made simple thanks to a fully integrated Crestron control system that the client can operate from their cinema seat using a Crestron “touchscreen” remote control or phone


• 30 Audio Channels from Meridian and Procella Speakers
• Trinnov Altitude Audio Processor
• Lumagen Radiance Video Scaler
• Barco Balder Cinemascope Projector
• 5m Wide Display Technologies Screen
• Fortress Custom Seating

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