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The brief for this project was simple, the client wanted to build the best  performing cinema possible!  We started with an empty shell measuring 12m x 9m and the room had to be built up from that.  A dedicated projection room for the Barco Freya + was essential and that allowed SHC to house all of the cinema racks in an air conditioned purpose built room.  The screen had to be as large as possible and the solution from DT screens measures 4.8m wide in a 1.78 ratio format allowing for a constant height set-up with horizontal masking.

The client had always used Meridian Audio products and wanted to utilise a fully digital signal path with Meridian speakers and subwoofers. The room structure was built using 4” x 2” timbers to create the ideal framework for acoustic insulation / dispersion and dedicated pockets to house the immense Meridian DSP speaker range. The audio package in this room was designed, installed and calibrated to form an 11.8.8 Dolby Atmos system.Eight DSP750 digital active architectural in-wall loudspeakers pack a significant audio punch along each side and rear wall, whilst a further nine DSP750s power the Left, Centre and Right in a High Performance Array configuration. Three Meridian Audio DSP730 digital active architectural in-wall loudspeakers were installed for the front left, centre and right height channels with an additional five DSP730s fitted to deliver in the overhead effects channels. Eight Meridian DSW600 digital active in-wall subwoofers give unbelievable depth, bass and resonance exclusively in the low-frequency effect (LFE) channel. Through clever design and placement this room has the necessary speaker layouts to accommodate all modern sound codecs such as Dolby Atmos, DTS-X and Auro 3D all decoded and masterfully handled by a Trinnov Altitude 32 Audio Processor. The exceptional picture is provided by a Barco Freya+ DCI projector, featuring the latest in native 4K DLP® chipsets from Texas Instruments and the acclaimed Barco Alchemy ICMP (Integrated Cinema Media Processor). Installed on an XL Side Mirror Mount to save space in the cinema’s rear projection and rack room, the Freya+ offers great contrast and a wider colour gamut at 13,500 ANSI Lumens from three lasers. Every last ounce of performance is extracted from this unit by partnering it with a fully ISF and DCI calibrated Lumagen Radiance Pro Video Scaler.


• 2 x Meridian Digital Theatre 271 Controllers
• 9 x Meridian DSP750 for LCR HPA configuration (3 channels)
• 3 x Meridian DSP730 for front LCR height channels (3 channels)
• 8 x Meridian DSP750 for side and rear channels (8 channels)
• 5 x Meridian DSP730 for overhead channels (5 channels)
• 8 x Meridian DSW600 for LFE (8 channels)
• 1 x Meridian 218 for music listening via Roon
• Kaleidescape Terra Movie Servers
• Trinnov Altitude 32 Processor
• Lumagen Radiance Pro Video Scaler
• Barco Residential Freya+ DCI projector
• Display Technologies Dynamic 2TB masking screen 4300mm wide, 1.78 ratio
• Display Technologies XL Side Mirror Mount
• CAT-S acoustic treatment
• Fortress Motorised Seating
• Crestron CP4 / TSR310 for control
• Lutron Homeworks lighting control

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